Rentals Require A Credit Check

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All rentals require a customer to have an open account and approval by our credit department prior to the lease of equipment. The customer is responsible for the payment of late fees for overdue accounts. If paying with a credit card there will be an additional 3% added to the amount owed.

Download application to fill and digitally sign it, then submit it using the Submit button on the form.

Rental Terms

Insurance must be provided prior to the lease of equipment.

  1. Liability: Proof of General Liability Insurance must be provided to All Rental, Inc. prior to taking possession of the equipment. The minimum liability coverage amount is $2,000,000.00 per occurrence, with All Rental, Inc. named as an additional insured.
  2. Physical Damage: Proof of Physical Loss Insurance is required for the value of each piece of equipment rented, naming All Rental, Inc. as the Loss Payee.

A rental contract must be signed for each separate order of rental equipment by the customer prior to the lease term beginning. In addition, the Lessee is required to provide complete job site information where equipment will be located, stored, used, or maintenanced. Lessee must provide the job number or name and corresponding bond information, if applicable. Lessee is responsible to notify All Rental, Inc. in writing of all job or location changes of the rented equipment prior to relocating equipment. Any deviation of the stated location will result in a default by the lessee of the agreement.

Customer will ensure that operators and any persons hired to haul equipment are familiar with the operation of the rental equipment and have read the operator's manual. If the operator or customer has any questions regarding the proper operation of maintenance procedures, they should contact the All Rental, Inc. Service Department at 320-393-4510.

Rates shown in the publication do not include sales tax or insurance coverage. Rates are based as follows:

  • Daily - 8 Hours
  • Weekly - 40 Hours or 7 Days
  • 4 Weeks / 28 Days - 176 Hours
  • Any overtime hours will be charged at a Straight Hourly time rate.

If equipment is returned prior to the term lease agreement states the next week/daily/or hourly rate will apply as pertains to lease. There will be no prorating at a longer lease term rate for less or additional time used.

Customer is responsible for all expenses and costs of shipping equipment from the equipment’s physical location at beginning of the lease term. Lessee shall be responsible for all expenses and costs of shipping equipment back to All Rental Inc. yard Rice, MN or location specified by Lessor at the termination of lease.

Repairs & Maintenance:
Any damage to the equipment due to misuse, abuse, lack of service, or negligence will warrant additional charges payable by the Lessee on return of the rental equipment. While the units are in the possession of the lessee, the lessee is responsible for at the lessee’s expense normal preventative maintenance, as required by the manufacturer. Such items include but are not limited to oil changes, filter changes, greasing, maintaining proper levels of lubricant, maintaining proper pressures of fuel and oils, etc. In the event of damage to equipment, All Rental Inc. must be informed immediately. All Rental Inc. retains the right to approve or disapprove all means of repair to equipment. After return of equipment, a thorough inspection must be completed to determine if any damage has occurred which may take several days. Any damage found will be responsibility of lessee.

  • All repairs done by Lessee must be pre-approved.
  • All unapproved repairs will Not be reimbursed.
  • All repairs must be completed by pre-approved qualified technicians or by All Rental Inc. technicians.

Upon completion, all repairs must be accepted by All Rental Inc. in writing or may warrant additional fees for repairs.

Points, Edges, Teeth, Brushes:
All tractors or equipment will be shipped with 50% minimum ground engaging tools. Units not returned with the same will have an additional charge due.

Tires, Tracks:
All Tire wear or tire damage upon return of equipment will warrant additional charges payable by the lessee. All track wear or damage upon return of equipment will warrant additional charges payable by the lessee.

Additional Responsibilities - Lessee:
Ensure that equipment is properly secured to transport vehicles. Observe legal weights and dimensions. Authorize transportation provider to sign shipping papers, checkout/informs, and safety checklists. Charges for manuals or keys not returned. The machine must be returned with a full fuel tank or the lessee will be charged for the fuel used. Excessive wear due to foreign objects in mechanical systems or misuse of mechanical systems will warrant additional charges. Cleaning labor in excess of 1 hour, which would include shoveling of tracks. Additional charges as listed on the rental rate sheet for the type of equipment rented.

*Rental Rates Are Subject to Change.